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belt sintering machine
Brand: Specification: KSH265
Location Liaoning Shenyang Pubdate: 2011-05-03
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Product Details

Model:  KSH265 belt sintering machine

Effective sintering area (m2):  265.125

Pallet size (width × length) (m):  3.5×1

Pallet number:  129

Effective sintering length (m):  75.75

Pallet speed (m/min):  2.06-6.18

Max thickness of material (mm):  500

Max output (t/h) (throughput):  1000

Chain pulley speed (r/min):  0.154-0.462

Main motor model:  ZZJ2-51

Main motor power:  30

Main motor speed (r/min):  680

Main reducer speed ratio:  1474.7

Drum feeder motor model:  ZO2-91

Drum feeder motor power:  10

Drum feeder motor model r/min:  500-1500

Wind box negative pressure (mmH2O):  1300

Lubrication station model:  DGZ-630

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Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co.,Ltd.
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Contact: David Han
Tel: 86-24-31306811
Fax: 86-24-31306811
City: LiaoningShenyang
Address: No. 8 Xinghua Bei Street, Teixi District, Shenyang

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